Our History

Our story begins 1962  with Master Carpenter, A Th Ohlsson, who received a request creating a few tables for rent instead of having to purchase them. To think this would be the beginning of a new creative revolutionary idea of Renting out tables and chairs.

Master Carpenter A Th Ohlsson had his residence at Brahegatan in Stockholm and his workshop was located inside the court yard.

Mr A Th Ohlsson began creating tables with foldable legs so he could stack them on a wheeler and deliver them to the ladies around Östermalm (a well regarded area) for their social gatherings. At times Mr Ohlsson would pay a visit prior to these events to measure the premises to customize the tables for different occasions.

The demand for tables rapidly increased and during 1962 the company was reformed by the daughter of Mr Ohlssons son, Ulla Ohlson (married as Norling) naming the company, Stockholm Bords Uthyrning Aktiebolag/ Stockholm Table Rentals Incorporated.
The company was the largest of its kind in all of Sweden. The seasonal peak of rentals would be during spring and around the time of graduation and weddings. And the deliveries or transportations of tables would expand from the city to all around the lake Mälaren.

The year of 1971 the company was acquired by the Lundqvist family. Who are still today  proud owners of this family business run by the fourth generation.

During almost 60 years the company has expanded their assortment including everything within events, exhibitions ,parties (companies and private), weddings,conferences,graduation,festivals, banquettes, props for film industry and tv, sport events and we welcome any request you may have not mentioned above .

We are still one of the largest firms of its kind in Sweden. The only difference today is the square feet of stock that has been expanding during years moving from the courtyard at Brahegatan (street) to Lidingö where we are located today. We have about 32.000 square feet of anything you may need for a successful event. We also have our office and reception within these premises.
Seven years ago we developed an additional affiliate company, Fine Design Stockholm. Which offers modern high quality interiors rentals.

Welcome to give us a call or visit so we can help create the event You want.