Rental Conditions

1. Prices

Rentalprices as listed applies from 2018.01.01. With reservations for price and assortment changes. Value-added tax with 25% will be added as eventual transportation fees and internal management costs.

All prices intend unit prices and include 3 days from day of handover, day of use and day of return. Friday trough monday count as a 3 day rental as above. Wash of rentals are included in price. If there is a preference of extended days of rental, request rate.

2. Orders

When ordering an email is sent with confirmation and rental conditions. As soon as the order has been confirmed the rental conditions apply. In case of non availability of assortment or quantity of, at the time of order, we will offer another assortment or you may cancel your order.

3. Offer

The offer is valuable for 10 days from printing date if nothing else has been agreed. Reservation for any add ons or changes (mellanförsäljning) until the order has been signed and delivered.

4. Cancellation

Cancellation or reduction of order must be placed 5 days prior to intended rental date. Or the order will be charged full price.

5. Private Customers Payment

Private customers using personal pickup will be asked payment using credit card or swish.(Vilket nummer ska de använda?) Required identification.

For delivery, payment is due three days prior and may be sent to bank-account (HANDELSBANKEN)  5651-8970 (clearingnummer?)

6. Corporate Payment

Corporate payments are charged after a credit control with a 20 days net if nothing else is in agreement. Please state the correct invoice adress. With any rewritten invoice the charge will be 250 skr , and shall be registered on date of payment. Thereafter 8% will be charged as a delay term interest each month. As for reminder of invoice and any other attached costs will be emitted by corporate customer.

7. Late return of goods

Delayed goods will be charged continuously until returned.

8. Responsibilities

All goods that may have been damaged, not returned with original packaging or unable to return due to stealth, will be charged replacing the items to its full value.

The replaced material item goods will remain our property. Cages, carts and slopes used for transportation is to be returned along with the rental goods .

Stockholm Bords Uthyrning AB and Fine Design Stockholm does not stand responsible for any damages due to managing or usage of the rental goods during event, only during transport and pickup.

9. Transportation

Transportation will be debited in understanding with client. Prices depend on the amount of purchased rentals,cargo and unloading, miles of transportation, working hours depending on time of pickup, delivery and times of inconvenience.

Our regular transportation hours are between 07 – 16 workdays. Other hours will be debited.

Extra charge will occur if place of transport pickup or delivery not is available at set time, if prevented to deliver goods due to difficulty unloading. Also if no-one is at location to receive delivery of goods.
All goods shall when pickup be stacked in one place to assist drivers in availability and easily be accessible .

Carrying, sorting and packing goods are not drivers responsibility when pickup. Only loading  onto transportation vehicles.  If any goods still are under certain conditions needed to be sorted, packed within facilities unavailing transport as conditioned, a fee of 450skr (the least of 250skr) will be debited per hour.

10. Terms of Use

To consider is that all goods shall be returned in good condition as well as cleaned (se below). Furniture shall not be left outside in any bad weather conditions , are not to to be effected by nails,markers, or stickers. Porslin need to be cleaned from left-overs, glasses empty of fluids, and replaced in original transportation storages.

11. Data Regulation (GDPR)

Fine Design Stockholm stores information as name, cellphone-number and email due to;

1. For you to receive email for confirmation and information
2. We, Fine Design Stockholm is able to contact you as customer
3. If you have a profile in our databank and do not consent us storing your information, please contact us at